Manages all non-income tax functions, monitors state property taxes, provides guidance to SCA NY/Branches with any tax related questions or issues, and oversees the collection and payment of taxes and filing of reports. Independently solves unique and complex issues related to this tax function.


■ Manages all non-income tax functions, including GST, sales/use, excise, withholding tax, intangible tax, unclaimed property tax, Form-1099 System, annual reports, etc.

■ Monitors state property taxes and reviews property tax returns prepared by outside consultant for each applicable state.

■ Provides assistance to SCA-NY departments, branches, subsidiaries and affiliates with tax questions and resolving any issues.

■ Interprets various taxes, e.g., sales/use tax, excise, intangible tax, etc. and advise the procedures to be followed by SCA-NY departments and branches.

■ Research tax issues which arise in the day-to-day course of business.

■ Oversee the payments and all documentation related to tax administration matters.

■ Manages the collection and payment of all taxes as mandated by the IRS and state and state and local taxing authorities.

■ Regulate the collection and payment of taxes and filing of reports.

■ Prepares and maintains the required tax department calendars by researching and collecting appropriate data to accurately reflect essential information.

■ Maintain depreciation files for Federal, State and purposes.

■ Coordinates Global Tax Management System for the Americas region, reports to HQ.

■ Oversee all outside non-income tax audits, including sales and use tax, excise tax, property tax, GST, etc.

■ Maintains a full-functioning sales/use tax system including the supervision of the tax exemption certificate system.
■ Ensures proper sales tax is collected and recorded by researching tax rates, and liaising with various departments, as necessary.
■ Enhance and improve computer spreadsheets for tax application reporting.
■ Collaborate with the data process department to develop programs to generate reliable tax information for filing requirements.
■ Contributes to team effort by accomplishing related results as needed.


Assist Tax GM, Associate Director and Senior Tax Specialist with budget and accountable for the achievement of the departmental budget


Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting
Minimum 2-4 years’ experience in preparation of tax returns.
Knowledge of accounting, audit, tax laws and reporting requirements.
Must possess strong analytical skills.
Ability to maintain highly confidential information.
Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written. Ability to communicate in a
professional manner with all levels of staff and management. Utilizes tact and diplomacy to
exchange information and handle sensitive issues.
Proficient with Microsoft Office, customized software packages and research tools.
Must have an in-depth understanding of SCA’s businesses and operations to have
maximum effectiveness.